are my fingers not long enough to play guitar really well?
if i dont have hands like all the pros, can i never get to their level?
Sure you can. Skill is not in the length, it's in how you use it.

Mind you, that's universally adaptable.
Tony Iommi was missing parts of his fingers, and he was fine.

How long have you been playing? I noticed that my fingers didn't really get longer, but they became a lot more limber and flexible as I kept playing. I'm at the 6-year mark now, but I certainly remember the times when I was struggling to do certain intervals and chords.
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Well, everyone has different fingers. Long fingers help, sure. Look at Buckethead. But as stated, look at Tony Iommi. He does fine.
fingers to get longer after a while i played flute before and mine are a little longer, and a guy i knows left hand is 1/2 inch longer than his right and hes played violin, bass, piano, and guitar for years...its crazy