I own a Schecter C-1+ guitar and it has a string-through-body setup. What happens is, every few months, my strings either snap, or the strings becomes unwound and lengthens (the cord in side snaps.) This is the second time this has happened, and the string has snapped 2 times before. As a result i am seriously considering paying quite a bit of money to buy and have installed a tune-o-matic bridge on this guitar. Should i go that far? I use standard strings (.10's), usually plated anti-rust. Is there a fix, is the locking bridge.

Furthermore, this has never happened on my fender telecaster. Any advice wolud be greatly appreciated.
Every few months isnt unreasonable to expect a string to break. Is that how long you keep the same set of strings on the guitar before they break? 2 strings in a few months is pretty good. I break a string every other week.