I need to order pickup switches for two of my guitars that I'm replacing the pups in, and I'm not to sure which ones to get.

The first guitar is a stock RG7420 that just needs everything electrical replaced. I'm wonderingif this is the right switch to go with the stock wiring? The pups are gonna be Dimarzio's if that helps.

The other guitar is another RG that's getting two new humbuckers, but I just want to use a three way switch in this one for neck-both-bridge pickup choice like a Les Paul. Would I be able to use this switch? I don't want to get a Les Paul style three-way switch because I wouldn't be able to use the stock hole in the guitar. The pups are gonna be a SD jazz and a Dimarzio Breed if that helps at all.

The second one is fine.

The first one is a "Super Switch" rather than the normal Fender 5 position switch design, so you have a lot more potential wiring options, but they can be a pain in the ass to set up.
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