So I'm buying a new amp. I cant second hand. I found a good Fender HotRod Deville 212 for 500$. This amp is 60W, is in good condition. My dad asked a co-worker who's in a band if this amp was good (my parents always want a second opinion) This co-worker recomended that I buy a Peavey ValveKing instead. He found an amp on Craig's List for 600$, and this amp is 100W.
I only have about 460$ so I'm owing money either way. I play in a Punk, ska, alternative band, and I demand great cleans, and enough volume for gigs. (No mics) I have a Metal Muff for distortion, and I'd eventually get an overdrive pedal if needed.

So what do you suggest?
I'm leaning towards the HotRod, but I've heard great things about the ValveKing aswell.
Hotrod. Absolutely no contest. It'll be better for cleans and light drive, and with a distortion pedal you could get a metal tone out of it if you really wanted to. The Valve King truly truly sucks unless you want a metal tone and to have to buy a half dozen pedals. I speak from experience
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Hotrod. Absolutely no contest. It'll be better for cleans and light drive.

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^ That's what I was thinking .
P.S. The VK is a half stack, the hotrod is a combo.
I was confused for a second, b/c I was like wtf, VK on craigslist for 600? Its 620 new.

Yeah, get the Hotrod, much more suited to your tastes.
i dont think i've ever played a valve king, but i played a peavey windsor 120 watt half stack and wasnt impressed with it at all, i dont know how comparable this is to the valve king, but that same day i played, and later bought the hot rod deville 212 and absolutely love it, i can do anything i want with it with my double muff, small clone chorus and dunlop wah.

beautiful cleans and gets excellent crunch with its overdrive, and thats by itself without any pedals

i say go for the hot rod, you definatly won't regret it