My mom has had this guitar for around 30 years.
The headstock has the word "Global" on it, and I've tried searching google for it. I can't really find anything about it.
Click for a larger picture:

I think a few pieces may have fallen off of it, and it's been beaten up quite a bit. It fell from the top of a cabinet and landed on the headstock, which almost tore the neck off, instead it just bent way up making the strings almost an inch away from the frets. I super glued it back, which actually kinda worked. One of the pegs that holds the string in broke, so I used an old electric guitar string and put a paper clip through the loop in the string, and fed it through the body and now it has 6 strings again. Then the B string broke, but it was still short enough to be re-strung through the E string's tuner, so I switched them around. (I think it has it's original strings, trying to do any sort of slide feels like playing sandpaper) I could go on and on, this guitar is ****ed, I just want to know what it is, and if, at one time, it was good.
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google my friend:

"Global was a brand name used by an importer in Chicago of cheaply-made instruments from a variety of sources in Asia in the 1960s and 1970s "
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It doesn't look half bad. I'd say that its worth a decent neck repair and a new bridge pin.
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I'd personally toss it and forget that you ever attempted to fix it, but...

Sometimes, you just can't beat an old, cheap instrument for character. Get it fixed up and you might fall in love with the shallow tone and stressed appearance.

These types of cheap guitars can end up being awsome delta-blues pieces, as they have a tinny, muffled sound that often times sounds awesome in open tunings and a slide.

Give it a go, if you're willing to pay the repair bill.
I have stolen my dads old accoustic and put some bad A$$ electric strings on it. And it sounds... how should I put it? different... And the strings are far away from the frets and its getting smashed and bumped all the time but I kainda love it. Its got character. Sounds very funny at first but after a little tuning on how you use it. It gives of a good vibe... somehow..
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