been looking at various FX pedals, and came across the behringer, seem ridiculously cheap compared to others. but are they actually any good? anyone used any?
also i'm looking for a booster, nothing too expensive just to boost the volume for solos and the like.

avoid like the plague.

you will end up replacing them in time
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Behringers are noisy and suck tone. Only nice thing behringer has is the rackmount tuner, because its cheap and you don't need it in your signal chain so it can't harm your sound.
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If you want something cheap to toy with that has alot of effects get the Zoom G2 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal. Best one i have tried out and comes in handy. Eventually you will buy stand alone pedals but for 100 bucks vs buying a bunch of cheap pedals its a good deal.
I have a behringer v-amp2 and on my pedal board a behringer digital reverb(it sucks!),All in all I have to admit that I am not very keen on behringer but having said that if you are looking to put together a cheap board then i suppose they are competitively priced but danelectros old line of cheap pedals like french toast etc,etc are far better than behringers.After all pedals can be replaced if you don't like em.If I were you though for a bit extra you should really consider buying quality pedals over time because they will last the distance and the sounds you can get from them are far better.I would be more inclined to buy a second hand boss as to a brand new behringer pedal for example.The best thing you could do is get down to your local music shop and try out different makes of pedal and search online for soundclips of pedals.The more expensive a pedal is,doesn't necessarily mean it sounds better.
i've heard soundclips of their tubescreamer clone, and actually quite liked it. Everything else I hated.
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