But you be the judge it may be crap lol. Thnx for taking the type to read this. Powertab and midi. So far I've worked 2 days and im happy with what i got. It seems i can never finish something then post it. I always have to post it when its like 1/3 finished. But i wanna know what you guys think and maybe you can gimme some tips. So thanks please view the file below and leave a comment. I return all C4C's no matter what. Thnx again.

-Updated Version 3 Please have a look thnx a bunch.
-Version 1 looks good
-Version 2 more to love!
-Version 3 Is Here!, look down below!
Click Here Version 3!.zip
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not bad, i can't complain
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I really like it :P

But two tips:
1) It's too busy, I don't know if that makes sense, but it seems to speed up then slow down almost randomly.
2)Learn how to use bars...
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i like it, it seems nice a trippy, like i could imagine it being played on synths kasabian kind of thing
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Bar messes up the synth sometimes. Ill learn lol thnx for reminding me. Thnx for the feedback. Ill post back later till i get more feed back. Thnx.
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well its unique and its got some potential but u need to learn how to use bars. anyway, its really not developed enough for a proper crit but its not worth scraping or anything. good luck TS

please look at mine
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Added Version 2 please have a look thnx. My favorite part is the alarm noise that i some how made lol. So far its going good but the last part im going to change alot since its pissing me off cus its too repetitive. but o wellz ill fix it later.
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o0o this is starting to turn out better. i like that riff you added. very original. but do us a favor and clean it up a bit ;D
Updated Version 3 first post up top!. Have a look please and leave some feedback cause thats what is keeping me going thnx.

lol i dont care about how it looks i care about how it sounds. If any of you wanna clean it and make it legit so you can see. be my guest but since im only judged by the sound of my music not by how clean it is then i might as well spend more time on sound then looks. lol thnx for the hint. its duely noted and ill clean it shortly when im finished.
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beginning was good the end just seemed to be the same chords for a long time. try putting some leads over the chords at the end or something like a climax. just my opinion.
ok thnx for the advice. Ill add a little lead guitar and then work from there. I let my dad view the song and he wanted to change almost everything lol. Ill post another version with more. I dunno when this is going to be finished cause onestly i've never finished a song.
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this song definately has potential. it sounds great, but the only thing that gets annoying is how everything seems so random because you dont use bars all the time. also try making a few more leads, like danK4 mentioned.

8/10 good job! c4c? a lonely descent in sig plzthnxkbai
It has potential, but i feel like it needs to be slowed down and another guitar added in. I liked the ideas and melodies but it does need a lot more work. Also, use bars in your powertab it's really annoying (at least for me) to look at... .
For now: 7/10

Not bad. But I do agree, bars would be lovely. lol

The "chugging" on the dropped D string got a little repetititve, and some of the guitar changes (from clean to jazz to clean to accoustic, etc) weren't really needed. And sort of disrupted the flow of the song.

Other than that it was pretty nice. 7/10
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