Hello. My first post here although I've been on the forums for a while. Im still a beginner and I would like to purchase a new guitar. I play metal and rock. My choices are:

1.ESP KH202 Kirk Hammett LTD Signature Series
2.Ibanez RG321MH
3.Ibanez GRG170DX + emg 81 and 85 pickups

From those 3 what would you recommend and why?
go with a gibson custom shop jimmy page les paul. you cannot possibly go wrong with that
2. all mahogany body, great neck, reliable fixed bridge and will last you forever, great value for the money

IF you are a kirk hammet fan, the KH202 is not a terrible choice, i'd be nervous about an LFR on a 200 buck guitar, it's not a bad guitar for the money, i just think the rg321mh is better value/money ratio
Definitely number 2.
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is number 2 better than 1 just because of the value? Or performance wise as well?
I am a Metallica fan, so im willing to pay a bit more to get the ESP if its just a question of money. But if the Ibanez is a better performer, id go with that.
i friggin love ibanezes (is the plural ibani?) their necks r perfect for metal! plus they make really great 7strings and the RG7 is like $380
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