im using photoshop to alter my pictures, but im having a hard time finding a filter i like.

does anyone have any tips for getting better filter effects?
i really like the filter used in this picture, but don't know how to produce it.

im using photshop elements. i've found the filters like crosshatch and watercolor, but none of those appeal to me.
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where else can i get filters?

as far as photo editing goes, my advice is to avoid the "Filter" menu in general except for maybe the sharpen and blur bits (and the noise removal....but use some other program like Noise Ninja for that....i think it comes as a photoshop plugin too)

the stuff you need for adjusting photos is in the Image -> Adjustments menu
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where else can i get filters?

They're not filters, they're a combination of different techniques/layers.

I believe the "effect" in those pictures is called the fiscus effect.

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photoshop's filters = tacky as hell

Usually, yes.
The best effects will be achieved by simply fiddling around with the various sliders and curves in the adjustment menus of Photoshop.
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alright, i went to the 'enhance -> adjust color' menu, and it helped a lot.

thanks guys!