If you want to change the pickups on a strat, RG, or similarly designed guitar, you'd have to remove the pickguard, right?

But how the hell do you get that thing off of there?

I mean, you'd unscrew it, but it seems as though the knobs and pickup selector switch would still be holding it down.

What are you supposed to do?
you just unscrew it, all the electronics are on the back of it, they only thing is the input jack...
the knobs should ONLY be attached to the pickguard

when you pull the pickguard, the knobs come with it if its a strat.
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the input jack shouldn't interfere with the pickguard. the volume knobs and pickup selector cap pop of pretty easily with a good tug. after that just unscrew it and you'll have access to the pickups
1. Unscrew all the screws on the pickguard
2. Pull out the knobs
3. Loosen those rings around pot things (the middle of the knob)
4. Remove the screws from the pickups (they have these rubber things underneath so that the pickup height can be adjusted, you gotta pull em off.

its easy but time consuming
Pickups attached to pickguard, pots also attached to pickguard. Remove strings from tuning pegs but leave in bridge. Unscrew pickguard. Put screws in a plastic cup or tray so you dont lose them. Lift pickguard up, carefully turn it over. Notice how everything is attached to the pickguard. Lightbulb moment occurs. Give yourself a cookie and a pat on the back for a job well done.
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Yeah, but after you take it off, how do you cover the exposed stuff? or should leave it exposed
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Yeah, but after you take it off, how do you cover the exposed stuff? or should leave it exposed

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