itd either be a superstrat, or randy rhoads body, with ebony fingerboard, a jackson type neck, original floyd rose, and either emg 81/85 or some seymour duncan set
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superstrat, all maple birdseye, scalloped neck. 1 peice, with skunkstripe.
HSH pickups, neck coil splitable. Floydrose, beautiful dragonburst quilted top. Neckthru construction, abalone inlaid logo on the headstock, strat style knobs, chrome hardware. XJ frets too.
Ibanez RG550 20th RFR
Traynor YCV50
Fender FMT HH Tele
Mesa Boogie 2ch Triple Rectifier
2 1x12 custom Theile cabs
ISP Decimator
Krank Kranshaft
Boss BF-2 Flanger
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Custom Shop Strat
Soft-v maple neck, unfinished
Contoured neck joint
No back plate
staggered locking tuners
Bone nut
vintage tremolo with snap on arm
Texas Special pickups
Two tone, one volume (tone for bridge and neck)
five way switch plus a button to turn on neck pickup in positions one and two
Black with nitro lacquer
Pearl pickguard
piezo pickup
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
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Carvin TL 60
Wilkinson Tremolo
Bookmatched Koa Top
Maple Neck/Swamp Ash Body
Tung-Oiled Satin Neck & Body
Maple Neck w/2 Koa Stripes
Reverse Inline Headstock
Koa Headstock
Birdseye Maple Fingerboard
Dot Inlays
Stainless Steel Jumbo Frets .055" H. 0110 "W
12in Fretboard Radius
C22Bw/Coil Splitter/2 AP11 Pickups * 5-Way Switch
Metal Pickup Covers To Match Hardware
Black Coils w/ Black Bezels
Active/Passive Electronics w/ Coil Splitters, Phase Switch
Chrome Hardware
Ernie Ball Slinkies .10 gauge
Black Logo
SG-Z with a JB in the bridge and a Lace Sensor in the neck. White with a flat black pickguard. Gold hardware, especially the lightning bolt bridge. Simple and effective.
Telecaster - SG - Jaguar
Princeton Reverb, Extra Reverb
P-Bass - Mustang Bass
Apogee Duet 2 - Ableton Suite
Mahogany strat body, black
Black pickguard
Dimarzio Breeds
Ibanez Wizard I, 5-piece
ZR bridge
24-frets, jumbo
Rosewood fretboard
MOP inlays, circle outline with solid stars inside
Built-in phaser circuitry
Original 1958 Gibson Flying V w/ original PAF pickups. Whoa.
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'58 Les Paul Gold Top original mini-humbuckers

Alder P-Bass body with Musicman HB at bridge, and J-Bass pickup at neck
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder P and J pickups, with a musicman bridge pickup, 5-string with 24 fret Neck and Sea Foam green paint with white pearl pickguard, Badass Bass V bridge, and Hipshot Ultra-Lite Tuners, Dunlop 360 degree straplocks

Original Marshall JCM 800 with Marshall 1960 angled 4x12 cab
Ampeg original SVT with 4x10 Cab and 1x15 cab
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Custom Ran Guitar with:

Natural finish
Cruiser body style
neck-thru mahogany body
H-H Configuration with Bare Knuckle Nailbombs
maple/mahogany 5P neck
birdseye maple fretboard, 24 frets
diamond neck inlays with custom logo on 12th fret
Red LED side inlays
Kahler 2300
Gold hardware
Schaller M6 tuners
Schaller straplocks
2 x volume, tone and a killswitch
3-way toggle

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I would want.
An Epiphone Explorer.
Mahogany Body, front routed with pickguard.
3pc. mahogany set neck with rose wood fret board. 24 frets
red satin finish on the body and neck.
the pickguard would be checkerboard.
two volume, one tone. killswitch.
EMG 81-85 set Active with afterburner boost. (i'm not to smart with pick ups. but something like that)
built in flanger. three way slide toggle for that. 1=off 2=light flanger 3=complete flanger.
a Floyd Rose tremelo. i don't know which one yet. but it would be all black hardware. the tone and volume knobs would be diecast metal anarchy logos.
and on the upper right. thing (the really big part that's empty on a typical explorer) would have a three claw tear white graphic.
the inlays would be diamonds.
and on the first fret would be an anarchy logo.
locking nut,
reverse headstock.
my signature on the truss rod cover.
and checkerboard paint on the headstock =]

that's mainly it.

funny. that's only one of the four i would design =]
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Gibson Sg.
Mahogany body, Wine Red, Black Pickguard
Bend in the wind (prestige esque) Maple Neck, unfinished,
Ebony fretboard, 24 XJ frets,
Bare Knuckles Warpig humbuckers,
Kahler 2300 Black,
Floyd Rose locking nut,
Schaller strap locks

Fender Jagmaster.

Alder Body
Jaguar 24" scale length
Block Inlay + Binding
Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard
Vintage White + White Pearloid Pickguard
Jaguar Control Plates
Bridge Mute/Cover
Hand made my crazy monks...
ESP Eclipse
deep cutaway to reach 24th fret easily
trans black on flam maple
gold hardware
no inlays except for the word "Custom" on the 12th fret, in gold
2 tone, 2 vol gold knobs
emg 81/90
ebony fretboard
built in distorion and wah with a switch to control wah near knobs
5-way toggle
green LED side inlays
mohagany body

im done
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Writing music is hard D:

1. I would want a body shape roughly based on a Les Paul, but a bit more aggressive and with a flat top, made out of basswood (flat frequency response).

2. Preferably a 24.75 scale bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. Anything but standard dot inlays.

3. Bare Knuckle 'Nailbomb' or 'Painkiller' humbuckers with the 3 way switch below them and a single tone control (still separate volume controls).

4. Floyd Rose tremolo in black with all other hardware (except the pickups) being black as well (pickups in a custom Bare Knuckle finish).

5. Deep purplish blue finish that turns into a maroon-like red with a hint of gold depending upon light angles.

6. Touchpad controller mounted on the face of the guitar that is compatible with Midi equipment.

........oh wait.......I already have one.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM
A 68 goldtop with a long tenon neck. DiMarzio Super distortions in both the bridge neck. Ebony fretboard. Floyd rose.
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The end of an era
Custom Shop Telecaster

5-piece Birds-Eye Maple Neck (modern C-Shape)
Ebony Fretboard w/ white binding (9.5" radius)
Abalone dot inlays
Dual Truss Rod
Schaller locking tuners
Bone nut
Swamp Ash Body (olympic white w/ mint green pickguard)
ORIGINAL Gibson PAF pickup in neck
Gold Lace Sensor in bridge
Bigsby B5 vibrato
Chrome hardware
Standard Tele Switching
Right handed
Maple fretboard
Piezo strat type tremolo
Texas special pickups
Locking tuners
Strat type body
22 frets

Pretty much it
ESP eclipse shape
Extra dense mahogany body
rosewood fretboard
Custom logo at 12th fret
24 extra jumbo frets
25.5"scale neck
Tilted headstock
Top and bottom dark blue binding on body and headstock
Black body and headstock, slightly transparant
Custom tribal reaper on body shining through the slightly transparant black paint
Sperzel locking tuners
Bone nut
Seymour duncan JB/jazz pickup set with black diamond plate covers
Black diamond plate pickguard
Gold hardware
TOM bridge with string through.
Battery compartment for 2 parralel 9V batteries

something along those lines. Quoted at 7000 :S
WTLTL 2011
*sigh* Here we go...

Custom ESP: mahogany SV body, mahogany set-thru thin-U neck, ebony fretboard, OFR, Sperzel locking tuners, EMG 81/89 pickups, 2 volume, 1 EMG-AB, 3-way switch, black body with purple outlined bevels, black painted neck, black ESP pointed headstock, purple alabone piranha inlays, purple jeweled alabone binding on neck and headstock, inscribed block inlay on 24th fret reading "Triton," normal ESP logo on the headstock, and my signature on the truss rod cover.

Then I would get another one except with gold hardware and gold accents instead of purple, and yet another with white accents and chrome hardware on an EC body with EC headstock... and maybe a few more... like perhaps an MV bodied one.

I'm quite indecisive.
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Guitar made of both alder and mahogany(not sure if possible)
Bridge humbucker, Neck humbucker/coil tappable
22 Frets
Ebony fret board
Graphite nut
Grover tuners
Set neck
Stopbar tailpiece/TOM bridge
Nice cutaway to get to all frets
Red quilted maple top
I am going to go out on a limb here and say the guitar that I own...
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72 Tele Custom. Satin neck (but i'd like to be able to feel the grain) EXACTLY the same shape as my lite ash tele neck, so birdseye maple. Wide range humbucker with singlecoil in neck, SD singlecoil in bridge with 25 db booster.

Dean Razorback V - Black
Mahogony body
Set neck
Ebony fretboard
Upside down cross inlays
Black Sperzel tuners
Black Original Floyd Rose
Black locking nut
1 volume/1 tone/3-way toggle
DiMarzio X2N bridge pickup
DiMarzio PAFJoe neck
Standard Dean neck
Black knurled knobs
Black Schaller strap locks
Ernie Ball Strings - gauge .10-.52
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'58 Les Paul Gold Top original mini-humbuckers

i like that!!

for me itd pretty much be a regular Jazzmaster, but with even more wiring options such as series/parallel and phase switching

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Basically a Gibson Les Paul Custom exceeeeeeeept:

Quilted Maple Top with green inner yellow outer, like my cat's eye (would entirely flame maple body affect sound?)
Rosewood fretboard with the one ring script in gold
24 jumbo frets
If it wouldn't affect the sound, a quilted maple neck finished in black, as well as a black back on the guitar.
Gold hardware
Whatever pickups are good for classic rock, hard rock, and a hint of metal/shred
Locking gold tuners
Black-white Paisley pickguard

And there you go, my possibly non-LP sounding $20,000 custom Les Paul.

Oh, and why the heck not throw a single coil in the middle there.
Ibanez S Shape
Pups - SD JB/Jazz combo with nickel covers
Mahogany Body, natural back
Quilted Maple top stained green or purple
Neck-through 5 piece maple/mahogany
2x Carbon fiber rods for added stability
Graphtech nut
Grover locking tuners
Rosewood fingerboard
No inlays
Medium frets
Graphtech Hexpander preamp
TOM style bridge/string-through
Schaller straplocks
1 volume/1 tone/3-way toggle
Rhoads shape
EMG 81 bridge pup
EMG 60 neck pup
floyd rose bridge
1 volume
3way toggle
schaller straplocks
custom inlays
black locking tuners
Black finish w/yellow bevels
scalloped fretboard
alder body
d'addario dxl140 strings
locking nut

oh yeah!!
Epiphone Sg special <---meh

Peavey Vypyr 30 <---awesome

1968 Goldtop. Single piece mahogany back, single piece carved maple top, 25.5" scale neck, ebony fretboard with square abalone inlays, dark finish on the back, stained but unfinished neck.

Wolfetone Marshallhead Alnico II pickups
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