Hey, my best friend and I are getting trashed tonight and we can't decide what liquor we want. Rush week just ended, so we're sick of beer, so please don't say beer. Something tasty, cheap, and available in upstate new york would be the only real conditions. My ideas are Jager or Watermelon Vodka. Your turn.

Edit: No rum either. I had the captain in my last week, and I'm surprised he didn't come back out.
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Mix up a jug o' Tom Collins!
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tequila is a classic
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the cake this morning!

yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
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Vanilla vodka+coke.

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^ Vodka, coke and some lime juice is the ticket.
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have some orange soda, its deeeeeeeeeelicious
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If you didn't require it to be cheap I'd say pick up some vodka, Kahlua and milk for White Russians. Because you can't do that, maybe some vodka and Mountain Dew?
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My two favorites are Jager and Malibu(even though it's rum). Watermelon vodka is very good also. Too bad no rum cause that's my usual drink. A little pucker never hurt though eh?
JD. Or if you're feeling fruity, Sangria. Say what you want, but it's one of the few drinks you can drink and not feel as if you're indigesting an ingredible amount of Alcohol. Great for those family get togethers.

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Jim Beam > Jack Daniels.

Get Blackhaus. Oh, yes.
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Watermelon Vodka? Do you have a vagina? Just kidding...actually I found watermelon vodka and sprite makes one hell of a drink (tastes like koolaid!)

Go with some Southern Comfort or Jim Beam....

Or whatever, you can never go wrong with whiskey or bourbon.
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Jim Beam > Jack Daniels.

Get Blackhaus. Oh, yes.

Oh man, I had blackhaus last week and it was INCREDIBLE.

I think we're going with a liter of Jager. Wednesday is party night here at college. Hell yes.
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southern comfort, or SoCo 100 if Available
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