check it out, it goes along with my movie writing craze, its fit for maybe an intro for credits or something, something nice and emotional :-D. its called "True to Life", cfc of course!


"True to Life"
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

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i don't got much to say here, other than it was really cool!! i really dig that guitar tone you got, really makes me want a strat or a tele or watever it is you are using. but yeah it's real calm and emotional, and very sort of soothing and relaxing, and i liked it good job!!
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Thanks for the crit.
But, I forgot to add on my main post that I can't load myspace music (computer problem).
So, I can't crit you. Sorry. I've edited the post.
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Firstly, that pic on myspace looks like Ritchie Blackmore.

That's a real pretty progression you've got there. Nice occasional whammy use. The double stops/harmonised runs are really effective where you use them. Some of the more complicated sections seem a little too much, but the fact that they're thrown in alongside some nice subtle guitar kind of balances it out.

I reckon it would work well in a film, as you suggested. Not credits, maybe the very end just before the final credits, just as the story has resolved. Maybe like 2 characters heading their separate ways after an adventure, you know.

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Dude, my bad for taking so long. I thought I had already critiqued this one. I listened to this a few days ago and I remember liking it. I personally not a fan of people like Satriani and Vai who just go up on stage and just noodle because they are really good at guitar, but I did enjoy this song. It's very relaxing and calming. I think it might be interesting to hear a version with some very low-key drums and bass. Anyways, great playing on this one. Thanks again for your crit.