well here are the latest riffs i made and I'm not very confident about the quality of them to be honest but some people tell me they're not that bad/they're good. To be sure though i need some opinions cause I'm seriously considering scraping these. It's crit 4 crit of course so just leave a link to you thread/piece and I'll take a look ASAP. Please take a listen and maybe give me(the riffs) a rating out of 10. Maybe tell me what i can improve also or if I'm on the right track.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it.

Thrash Riff 1.zip
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You should change the guitar to Electric guitar 2, it sounds better.
This is basicly a compilation of some of your latest riffs right?. Not bad but its pretty basic nothing special. I would add maybe some lead guitar if you want to make it some sort of a song. But these are just riffs so no worries. Nothing impressive but i could be wrong... Gj thnx for your crit on my stuff.
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i like riffs 2 and 3 the cords work a lot better there

1 isnt anything really earcatching so it could work though as like a transition riff

i checked them out in alternat tunings
c standard they sound good [same frets but down in value]
and A# standard

e is just to high for good trash

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