I heard that if your cell phone breaks and it doesn't look intentional, verizon can replace it with another phone for a cheaper price. My phone is a total piece of **** and I've been dealing with it for 2 and a half years so I was wondering if there was a way I could break it without making it obvious, so that I could get a different one for a fraction of the price. I know it's a cheap thing to do but I've had this phone for 2 and half years and I'm sick of it.
hit the screen with a hammer so the whatever liquid in side of it makes it unreadable and just say you dropped it
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Try to recreate an accident, that way it always should look like an accident. :S

Like jump in the pool or drop when leaning over a second story or something.
Actually, most cell phone plans/deal things say that if the phone breaks you get the same phone, or one for the same price you paid for the original one. So you would still be getting the same phone.
Your contract should be through and you should be eligible to get a new phone. Just go in there and ask and I'm sure they'll allow it.
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