... Ok, Pit computer geek face nerds.

I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop (Vista) and unfortunately, I am having trouble .

Anyway, I tried Wubi, and it doesn't work for some reason. If anyone wants, I can give them full info on that. Anyway, I'm tried burning the image file you receive from their website, but some kind error happens. I'm using some Roxio program that came with the computer, though that would not be the problem. I'm gonna assume that the actual problem would be the fact that I'm using DVD-RW, which I guess would screw up the burning process.

So, if anyone tried, preferably Dirge Humani, help me .
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i dont know.
but i want on that list.
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you need an ISO program like alcohol 120% or ultraiso to burn an IMAGE file. Alternativeley you can use the iso's software function of a virtual drive that allows ythe computer to real the IMAGE as a cd virtually.
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yeah i agree, if its an ISO which is an image file, you either mount with poweriso or burn it on a cd. Either way you still need something to run the ISO. There are other programs like someone mentioned alcohol 120, but make sure they can deal with ISO. I'm too lazy to list them all. Also you can obtain free, legal trails here

Good list now?
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I'll try to ...

Anyway, another nice thing would be to tell me how to get wi-fi set up.
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