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Well, it's back. I've cleared up a ton of freetime, and will be updating this constantly. Muphin and Mayday, you'll be happy to see this.

This is a breakoff of Mayday's old one, which was a pickup of mine, because I didn't have the time to complete it, and I think him for it. Anywho, let's get started. Here's how it works:

I will write up a portion of the story line. At the end of each passage, I will leave our character stranded in a situation, and provide 4 choices for you, UG, to vote on. The first reaction to recieve 5 votes wins, and will be the path chosen for the next passage. And the cycle will continue.

As I am a male, it will be far, far easier for me to write about a male character. I'm not THAT good of an author. I do this more for fun. As the title suggests, this is, as well, about a zombie outbreak. All accounts of zombies will be realistic according to Max Brooks's "Zombie Survival Guide" (which you should all read).

First things first... Choose your proffesion.

A: EMT - You work/drive an ambulance. You have great knowledge of the human body, it's ailments, and how to treat it. You are a bit of a pacifist, and usually stay clear of physical confrontation, but you do what you have to, when you have to.

B: Helicopter Pilot - As a commercial, privately owned, chopper pilot, you rent out your vehicle and services to transport the people who need to be somewhere in a hurry. You have great access to different places, and can reach them fast. Because of your training, you have knowledge of basic survival skills.

C: Racecar Driver - Offers no real advantage to survival, but is hella cool.

D: Security Guard - You are a security guard at the local mall. You know the mall, and all it's hiding spot, and security offices. You have training in small handguns, and always carry a 9mm Barretta on yourself at all times. You are new to the force, and outside of the shooting range, have never had true experience with the firearm. You are fit, but panicky at times.

There you go. Choose wisely. I predict EVERYONE's gonna vote D. UG sees the guy with the gun and clicks. *sigh* I'll be back about 4 hours of this posting to update.
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C: Racecar Driver - Offers no real advantage to survival, but is hella cool.


The storyline will lack if the main character is not 'hella cool'.
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Psh. I can can play fleshlight acoustically.

Security guard, and I vote he should hide scared in a public restroom for like 5 hours. A woman's restroom, cuz he's a perv.
I cba to read all that, but you spelled Berreta wrong.

I always pick the security guard in these situations, because they always die first. they're usually black too, and black people are cool in zombie related stuff.

Edit: K i read it, my vote goes to C. aslong as he actually is cool, and not just some womanising douche type.
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B!!! UG, dont be stupid, a heli pilot is the most advantageous of these 4 choices.
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I'm a B VOTER!!
Have a hella cool helicopter pilot dude jacket and sunglasses.
I vote C, the dude obviously has nerves of steel. seriously, does the heli pilot have a helicopter? and teh security guard will only shoot half as well as he would at the range (taken from ZSG book) so he'd be dead rather quickly
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Does no one notice that with a helicopter, tough nerves, and pilot training a heli pilot will be able to survive through most of the things the story throws at us?
To be honest you should've added Chuck Norris to the list.
Why isn't there a choice for a rabid guitarist? Oh well. I vote D.
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GOD DAMN IT!!! that was the worst of the choices.
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You sit up, throwing the covers off, and set your feet on the carpet. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you push off the bed, and stand. The clock reads 6:45am. You've got work at 7:30.

You shave, shower, the whole deal, and make your way to the other side of your one bedroom apartment to eat breakfast. Your bowl of Frosted Flakes and Tropicana have becomes a staple. Everyday since your second year of college. What a great deal your major in Music Theory has done for you.

You finish eating, and the clock reads 7:10. Time to get going. You step out into the hallway, and pivot, locking the door behind you. You double check your holster, and strut down the hallway in your pressed, blue uniform.

You get in your pride and joy. Your 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi. God, that thing is sweet. It's the cat's meow, the bee's knees, the ****, Jack. You turn the ignition, giving it just a little gas. You don't need to press the accelerator, but you love to hear the somewhat-louder-than-really-needed growl.

You make your way to work, and park in the employee lot. The Pheonix Mall wasn't a bad gig, but there could be better. On your way in you see Gerald, the co-manager of the Alltel shop. He's got a new complaint about you everyday. He's walkin' towards you with a scowl. You haven't even got to work yet, and he's startin' his ****. What do you do?

A: Punch Him - Just straight out jack him in the face.

B: See what he has to say - It might be important.

C: Avoid him - Make a sudden turn to the employee side door.

D: Pretend to slip and fall - And cry for your mommy. When he runs to get help, just walk away.
B! I'm very curious about what this person has to say. It could be important.

(It's probably about me, yeah?


I choose /B/
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