I have a fender strat, i know you can take off the tone and volume knobs, I just dont know how. Will somebody who has done it before let me know how to do it? I dont want to break it... Just bought it yetserday. Im trying to get all of that sticky layer of plastic off of the guitar.
how i do it is put a rag over the not and put pliers on it w/ medium pressure. i have the pliers parrallel to the knob not horizontal and then just pull up. works all the time never broke one
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you just lift straight up on the knobs. just make sure to turn them all the way up or down so you can pput them on straight again.
i do the same with the towel but i take a butter knife and push up from undernieth it works nice i did it a few tomany times though one of my knobs falls of every once and a while
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get an old t shirt or some pantyhose and slip them underneath and wrap them around the knob. keep it tight and pull. they should give you extra leverage, more than your hands would, without the risk of scratching the finish with pliers.