Can anyone name any very good guitar builders based in the UK who they or someone directly linked to them have had experience with (I dont want to hear about how a guy on harmony central said he got a great guitar from some guy)

Im looking into getting one custom built and obviously its a lot of money that you pay for something that could easily be of questionable quality since you dont get to see what your buying till its finished.

Any help appreciated
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Blackmachine? Google them..

Rob Armstrong is an amazing luthier in England, builds acoustic instruments for a lot of famous people, my GFs dad who I live with has a double neck acoustic made by him. Sounds godly. Not sure if he does electrics but check him out anyway. Uhh.. google him aswell I guess. Not sure if he een has a website.
hi,i recently purchased a woody custom for £200 and was amazed at how well put together these little guitars are for being so cheap.check them out at http://woodycustom.com/ gl in finding your stradavarius! ps.i forgot 2 mention they are made by putting parts together,not fully hand crafted but nice guitars all the same.