Hey can anyone enlighten me please?

I recently bought myself a new Ibanez RG370DX

It's my third guitar but first with tuning lockers.

Currently i need to keep jump tunings (yeah i know so im a nonce for having tuning lockers)
But if i just take off the knuts on the fret board would i be ok to just leave them off and tune about?

My brother advised me that if i take them off, i have no 'grip' because guitars without tuning lockers have got grips above the first fret. So he has advised me not to leave the Knuts off because my guitar will continually slip out of tune.

Is he right and should i leave them or am i ok take the knuts off and tune about?

- Edit- Sorry i realised i shouldn't have posted a new thread about tunings. Lock or remove please.
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