This'll seem weird and I'm sure there's a good reason.

If a neck thru guitar is a long strip of wood with wings attached.. why don't people build a total 1 piece guitar ?


because it's friggin hard to find a peice of wood suitable for it. I'm pretty sure someone made one (or attempted, I can't remember if it got finished) and posted it on the project guitar forums before.
Plus routing the thing out would be a b.itch to do
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ohh, if that's the case I'm gonna keep this in mind for a latter date, it seems like an interesting thing to try when i start getting bored with my life

Thanks for the Replies

Most people like to have two different types of wood for the neck and the body. Also it would be hard to sand down and shape a neck with the body already attached. I think that you would also have trouble putting the truss rod in/adjusting it because either end of separated neck is where you adjust it.
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Yeah it wouldn't be easy, but it wouldn't be a serious project if i ever got around to doing it, mahogany works for neck and body. I can't really see a difference with truss rod install / adjustment with this idea and a neck-thru
neck wood has to be cut a certain way (don't ask me about the specifics) to make it as strong as possible so it doesn't warp and ****. And body wood usually is cut a different way I think, to show off the grain and make it look nice.

So finding a big slab of quartersawn mahogany to make a 1 piece guitar from will be amazing hard to do, and probably cost you a fortune aswell. And then routing/shaping the guitar would be really tedious and difficult I think. And then if it didn't work out, the neck warped or some of the wood cracked or something, you've spent a crapload of money on an expensive piece of firewood basically.

AND.. There are no real benefits of having a 1 piece guitar. In theory it MIGHT have more sustain and better resonance but this all depends on the specific piece of wood/guitar. Would it even be an audible difference? VERY Unlikely.

Even the sustain difference between a neckthru guitar and bolt on is highly debatable as it all is mostly down to chance. People hate to believe that but it's true. Every piece of wood is different and you'll never know until it's finished.

So basically the point is.. It would not be worth the extra cost/time/effort for the tiny (if any) advantages you MIGHT get from building a 1piece guitar. The only reason to do it would be to brag about owning/building a 1piece guitar..

all IMO of course.