Today was the start of a new class in school for me. The teacher thought that since none of us really knew each other, that we'd answer a paper with questions like "what's your favortie sport" and "where were you born" and she told us to find people in the class that matched what we liked. She then said that person who has the most in common with the class will get a candy bar.

WTF--is she saying that if you are just like everybody else that that makes you special? Does anyone think this is wrong or am I over-reacting? I think this is seriously messed up. If I was born in Alaska and couldn't find anyone else that was born there does that make me wrong? Does that mean I don't get something too?

chill out. its some stupid little activity to get people to now each other. you guys are all a little too serious about things lol
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chill out. its some stupid little activity to get people to now each other. you guys are all a little too serious about things lol

+1, who cares, it's probably a simple judgement error, chill
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And if you do that you can choose which bar you'd like better anyway.
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SHES NOT A SHE AT ALL! ITS REALLY PEDOBEAR LULLING YOU INTO A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY!...Either that or shes stupid...anyways, who cares...its a candy bar...costs like maybe a dollar if over priced.
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Well while I do think you're over reacting that is about the dumbest thing I've heard of. I don't think the teacher looked past the "I'm giving out candy bars" part in her head. She probably just wanted an activity to get everybody to meet eachother. That said if you are going to do something that stupid you might as well just give a chocolate bar to everybody anyway.
Simple solution: a Snickers bar costs like 60 cents.
And lesson learned: teachers can be idiotic. Some teachers are good because they care about knowledge and so forth, others are stupid because they care about curriculum and policy.

Or you could arrange it so that everyone (or almost everyone) in the class has the same date, time, and location of birth, the same upbringing, the same general life story.

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