If any of you want to look back on past times, funny stories, or even tragedy during your middle school years(6th-8th grades), do it here!

I myself am still in middle school, 7th grade to be exact, and just want to have reminisant(spelled wrong) fun!

Ill think of a story to edit post later, but for now,
POST AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lol i think you mean reminisce. but anyway....

i'm a junior in high school. sweet jesus! middle school was so long ago. i used to have really long hair back in 8th grade, it was embarrassing because it was a bad haircut too- misshaped. but that was when i started learning guitar too, so it wasn't all that bad of a time period

edit: hey, RPgoof, we both live in michigan! haha. whereabouts do you live? I'm in the north western area of the lower peninsula. about an hour north of grand rapids.
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Middle School was okay for me. It had it's ups and its downs.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
6th/7th grade were cool for me, 8th grade was terrible.

But overall, I enjoyed middle school. I still had some of my childhood, and I didn't have to worry about as much crap as I do now.
i went to a catholic school ok dont even get me started on the hell it was
it actually made me doubt jesus
Today, in band there was a chair with water on it, because water drips from the ceiling occasionally. My friend replaced that chair with my other chair, and butt was wet for at leat 3-4 periods.
I started drinking and smoking cheeb in middle school. Everyday after school my buddy brandon and I would pinch a little bud from my dad's stash and get high. Then scrape together whatever cash we had and get pizza or whatever.

Middle school BOTB kicked some serious ass as well. Skateboarding and my towns bond fires were always fun too.
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Don't have middle school here.

where do you live tha you dont have middle school?!

and im a jr. in high school but my 6/7th grades were ok...8th grade was the worest year of my short life...middle school blows..
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where do you live tha you dont have middle school?!

Lots of places don't have middle schools. Depends on the school district. For example, I don't have middle school, while my friend who lives about 10 miles away in another city goes to middle school.
The administration sucked. I accidentily hit a kid in the face with my locker (swung it open too hard cuz it got stuck) and I got suspended for it.
In 6th grade I went around telling people that the only way to get off my death list was to sell me their soul.
In 7th grade I made new friends, and sprained my ankle on a 7th grade camping trip to a bible camp, where I made fun of jesus.
In 8th grade, I graduated leaving the memory of my various antics, and also sold my soul to my history teacher. He says he keeps it in a little jar so when I die, I have to watch him play his gibson J45 and custom Fender strat for all of eternity.
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6th grade sucked big, fat, hairy, sweaty, monkey nuts for me. The only good thing that happened was when I was talking to a friend and looked at him for a minute because he had something (a condom or lighter or something.. can't remember) in his hand and was like "Look at this!" so I was looking at him when I turned a corner and went face first into this girls tits. She looked down at me and laughed, and all I could think was "O.O" but then she walked away...

Then 7th grade there wasn't much of a difference, it sucked as well; But one day on the way back up the stairs from lunch, one kid pushed another and they started playing around and pulled another kid into it and went back to class. As the days went by the number of people in it grew and it started to become a fun little mosh before class when a friend took out his phone and blasted some hardcore. The teachers were wondering why we were all coming to class late and sweaty so my English teacher decided follow us all after lunch. She saw us moshing and gave 4 or 5 kids detention..

Probably the best things to happen that I can think of...
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CFH82, I love you. I didn't laugh, but my god, I love you.

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Holy shit, that was epic. A mighty roar escapeth'd my mouth.

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I saw a penis.

Middle school sucked like a black hole. It was utter hell, and I hate you, TS, for reminding me of it.
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Lots of places don't have middle schools. Depends on the school district. For example, I don't have middle school, while my friend who lives about 10 miles away in another city goes to middle school.

learn something new everyday
I remember middle school... it sucked. I went out with this chick that I eventually dumped because she was way too.....obsessive, yeah that's the word. And I got into too many fights.
I went to three middle schools

I was a total loser in the first, less of a loser in the second (it was a smaller, less cool school), and in the third every girl in the whole school thought I was a mega stud. I went out with one of the cheerleaders until everyone found out I was a total loser.

Now a lot of those kids look up to me, and I have some great loser friends from that school.

I still miss that cheerleader and her friends.
8th grade, i started my first *good* band, skateboarded, grew out my hair, discovered metal, and did whatever i wanted at school and discovered the fun of just hanging out with my friends and skating around

aww man, i miss those days
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In 8th grade I moved to start my life over by not hanging with the losers that played runescape and still playing with pokemon cards (we went back to like the second grade so yeah...)

Turns out I got really popular and found out almost every hot chick in my grade had a crush on me during the school year. Too bad I had no self esteem so I didn't even bother trying to go farther with any of them But hey, I actually made friends that had the same taste in music, played an instrument, and/or skated. (not to mention they were always doing dumb ass things that were funny as hell)

But yeah, I then moved again this past year and I'm known in my school but I'm kind of a loner...

I want to ****ing move back to where I was
Lets see, middle school.
6th grade- started playing guitar, met a girl who liked me and who I liked. Had no social life.
7th grade- Started going out with said girl, started my first band with two other really cool dudes. Got picked on a lot, but I didn't really care. Social life started picking up.
8th grade- Started experimenting with drugs. Started my current band. Began playing shows with my current band. Got dumped by girl mentioned in the above text. Started dating another girl.

And somewhere in there I discovered punk rock and blues, two of my favorite genres. Eh, middle school wasn't all that bad, but I think I like high school better.
im in 8th grade, this year was da best so far, but only cuz i got to play in da skool talent show wit my frend, and im in a band now, so ya, 8th grade is da best for me, which is werid cuz everyone else says 8th grade suked for them
EDIT: 7th grade was awesome too, because then, thanks to my Language Arts Teacher, who was a hippie but awesome, showed me heavy metal when when we were doing bookwork he played "enter sandman" by metallica during class, then, and only then, was when i discovered heavy metal, and my guitar playing got some girls to like me but ya but 6th grade sucked @$$ for me
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Edit; Teacher reactions to stupid things made it worse.

Edit 2; Lmao above poster ^ Haha.

HS is fun.
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I had a blast in middle school.

Middle schoolers are by far and away the most annoying people on the planet though. I hate every last one of them.
I am the Infantry.
Im a Freshmen so I finished middle school last year. Story time....

6th- Total nerd. (Weren't we all at that year?) Had 1-2 friends the whole year. Got made fun of all the time.

7th- Got better then 6th. I moved away from the total nerd-ness thing and just followed what the popular kids were doing. Then about midway I realized that I needed to be myself. I went home, discovered Ac/Dc, bought a guitar, got lessons and played for a while. Eventually got a friend (whos on the forums here some where....) and got a few others.

8th- Best year of my life. Started my first real relationship. (Lasted till a few months ago) Made TONS of friends. Now I feel the need to start typing out some inside jokes from back then...

"Were running/jumping/walking/skipping/hopping/singing/Eye Of The Tigering for DIabEETiZ!"

"Mr. Whiting! The humming birds!!! Mr. Whiting! How are the waves today? Totally tubuler!"


Ah the days....How I miss it...

Ah an even better story,

For our 8th grade class trip we went to Savannah, Georgia to learn about the Civil War. It was great. It was me and my 3 best friends sharing a hotel room. We got a back pack full of energy drinks and energy gum and all that, and i put some porn on my ipod so we could take turns in the bathroom at the hotel. It was like a 4-5 hour bus drive to Savannah. We all sang really loud to The OffSpring the whole way there. Till we made them put on Wayne's World on the TVs. Then we had to take a bus tour of some cemetery, where we all fell asleep. And then the next day we had to go one a "Dolphin Viewing Show" where they loaded about 30 guys into a boat. Drove for 30 mins, then looked around for dolphins. The whole boat fell asleep.

Ah...I miss it so much.....
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I'm a sophomore in high school now. Looking back, middle school was great in the sense that I didn't actually have to try at all in order to get pretty decent grades, I had fun just f*cking around with my friends without being concerned over the responsibilities I have now, and I started playing guitar.

I never got any girls in middle school, and I got picked on a lot until I got sick of it and punched one of the usual suspects in the face. Things got better when people actually started having an ounce of respect for me.

I didn't actually have my first kiss or anything until I was a freshman, but by now, I'm not doing so bad =].

I go to a Catholic high school now, it's actually pretty open-minded and cool for a private school, and I've got a lot of friends. One of the c*nts who gave me sh*t all throughout middle school also came to my high school. It's funny how the cocky, look-at-me-I'm-hot-sh*t kinds of people that were so popular in a public middle school end up with no friends whatsoever in high school for being the high-and-mighty people they are.
I remember middle school like it was a million years ago.

Because I was on drugs for most of it.
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