Im trying to learn about inverted chords to add more stuff to my bag of tricks. I cant find ANYTHING pertaining to movable shapes etc, no tutorials on this website or anything. Does anyone have any useful data?
What are inverted chords?! :I
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Inverted chords are chords that are ripped open and turned upside down.

When a chord is built, a note is in the bass... Its convention that one note is said to be in the bass.

So in C major, we have C (root) E (3rd above c) and G (5th above C).

This is a standard root position chord because the root is in the bass.

We can mix it round and put the E in the bass and have E G C which is the first inversion chord of C major. Its still C major because it has the notes C E G in it, but in a different order.

We can do a second inversion by putting the fifth in the bass.

Inversions can be used to resolve to the root note in the bass.


G7 chord in the first inversion buts a B in the bass and resolves up to C in C major.

G7 (G B D F) to C Major (C E G)

The G in G7 becomes the fifth in C Major

The B becomes the root in C Major

The F becomes the E

The D becomes the E.

Inversions can be used for cadences, and creating tensions in pieces.
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A regular chord consists of 1 3 5 notes, an inverted chord can be 3 1 5, 5 3 1 or some other combinations.
If you're just looking for chord shapes to use, why don't you work them out yourself? it'll help you much more to understand what you're actually playing and give you better fretboard knowledge rather than just copying shapes.
On a guitar they aren't too complex. Just change your bass note and you have an inversion.





I could go on and on but it's the same old story, if you know your theory and your fretboard they aren't complex at all.

There's a lesson I looked at a while ago that covers this kind of stuff. Check it out.
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