hey guys im kind of a noob to guitar i just started a while ago but i was wondering could anyone find the tab to the song "Dinner Bells" by Wolf Parade? you can hear the song on youtube by looking it up and itll be the one for a game called assassins creed. its not a bad song imo i rather like it but it might be too slow for other people. anyways, do you guys know of any tabs for this song? thanks in advance
Hey tehre im also looking to get a tab of this all i found it which isnt much of course is it goes 5-4-0-0h2 on the d string that took only about 2 minutes so try to work from there and fill me in if u find anything else
its not much more but iv got this so far but ill keep working on it and hopefully ill come up with some sort of tab iv never tabbed before so this is probly gonna be real crap too

verse 1
----------------------------- ----------------------------- --------------------------------
----------------------3----- -----------------------5----- ------------------3-------------
---------------4------------ ----------------4------------ -----------4---------------------
----5----------------------- ----2------------------------ -----4--------------------------
----------------------------- ----------------------------- --------------------------------
----------------------------- ------------------------------ --------------------------------

just work out where to put these tabs above in and thats all i got so far
i think he might strum these after picking but not too sure if its him but yer
if anyone else can figure out anymore