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I love the song Bron-Yr-Aur by Led Zeppelin and I am learning it right now. I need some help from you all on how to exactly place my fingers when im picking this song. Or does that even matter? Anywho, thanks!
This is weird I was just playing it 10 minutes ago..But as far as I can say it is mostly fast picking except when he uses his middle finger to pick the parts around the second fret. Good luck

-This part with the middle of course is what I meant...Hope I make sense
cheers betch
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Thanks Jimmy Page junior xD.

Glad to know someone else likes Zeppelin's folk stuff.
i'm a big fan of that song also. its a lovely little acoustic piece

it doesnt really matter how u play it with your fingers, but i tend to keep my ring, middle, and index fingers on the E, b, and g treble strings respectively, leaving my thumb to play the bass strings. i sometimes like to use my index to help with the bass strings.