hey guys.

ive been thinking,

im not really into all the neo classical malmsteen guitar stuff and i primarly play rythem but, is it worth me learning to sweep pick even though i doubt ill use it much.

thanx guys
i know that but im just undecided on weather il actually need it.
Yeah just learn whatever you can to expand your playing style. Even rhythm players could use sweep picking, you just need to know where to incorporate it.
yeah the learning does make it fun and worth while. ahhhh **** it il learn it
yeah i used to be into that stuff too. probably will never "need" it but i learned alot from connecting arpeggios in a way that sounds melodic.
sweep picking will bring you into economy picking, which is a godsend for rhythm.

plus sweep picking coordinates your left hand in time with your right hand.

it will get your existing skill all the more tighter, same goes for ANYTHING new you learn, whether its a strange new technique, an exotic scale, or a really funky awkward riff, will all help you in anything you play. adapting new principals is equally as important as improving existing skill, probably moreso as it helps both.