Ok this is a simple question and i think there should be a simple answer for it. When playing a scale, say F major for example, You play F, G, and then A for the first 3 notes. When playing across the strings, starting on the low e string at the first fret, when you get to the A note, should you play the A on the 5th fret low e string or just play the open 5th string? How do you know which one to play? And would you apply this to another note, for another scale in a similar situation? Thanks
You can do it however you like, pretty much.
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You can do it however you like, pretty much.

Ok that helps out. Thanks for the info guys. I was kind of thinking that this was the answer, i just didn't know if there was a "technical" way or form that was the better way to do it. Thanks again.
open strings sound a little different though so whichever you want really there the same.