So recently we got this old retired teacher back to replace one of our un-cooperative teachers. I have to say that this woman is just the most unlikable person you could possible imagine, particularly on my part. For instance, today, she accused me of being late for class even though it hadn't started yet. Prior to my entrance, she collected these important papers, that I was unaware that she had collected. So I explain to her my problem the next day when I realize, and she marks them late, and they were an important grade. Basically, everything that I would think right, she thinks the complete opposite, and she clearly does not want to be teaching and is just bitchy all the time. There are hundreds of other examples the help express my contempt for this lady, and note she has only been here for about 3 weeks. She points out about everything that an individual does wrong, but does not highlight on anything that was done right by any of us. THe class average on our recent exam was about a d+ in an honors class with all excellent students. She did not help us prepare for the exam at all, and trust me I studied hard as hell for the exam and still got a C. The previous year there were 25 kids who had been recommended for an AP class (in the same class that we are now enrolled in) when there was a different teacher. This year, our new bitch teacher only recomended 10 of us, and I just barely made it, but feel bad for all the kids who didn't because they all hold past histories of being able to make the AP class. What am I supposed to do about this ?
i hate all my teachers.

but to help you, just try your best to get on her good side. Theres always gonna be a dick teacher.
get over it. we all have ****ty teachers. you only have her for a few more months. However, it does suck that it's an AP class, cuz those are hard as it is.
I've been known for making efforts to sabotage bad teachers, but im not willing to go that far
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idk but possibly a petition to at least get the principal or someone to come in the class at some random point and observe
Yeah some teachers are horrible, but just remember, she'll die eventually.

As long as you're doing better than the average to a degree that you're satisfied with it doesn't matter. In my physics course at first-year uni the average mark for a paper was 22% and I got 56%, and 56% is barely a pass! Still, I was happy... just do your best, I'm sure your parents will be satisfied if you do better than the others.
im in the same problem...my whole AP calculus class who averaged mid-90s dropped 30 points once this new teacher came. he's an ex-lumberjack who was run out of alaska by 7th graders with sharp pencils. no lie...google leading to an alaskan newspaper FTW.

we've kinda just given up until the adminsitration sees he's ineffective. he even tried getting the course title changed so we wouldnt get the college credit of an AP course because he needed to go at a slower pace for failing to teach the first 2 chapters competently.
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That reminds me of my math class's last quiz. About half of everyone got below a 50 on it. I got a 79. I think our teacher is afraid of getting into some deep sh*t because most everyone failed.
quuiz,,, man were talken semester exam here, thats 20percent of our entire grade, although that sucks as well
Someone in her class needs to bring an audio recorder. Try to keep it a secret and if she asks what it is, say you're recording the lecture so you can review it for a test later. And if you really want to make sure she doesn't take it up, then tell her your mom reccommended it (she wouldn't want your mom to know she prevented you from studying ). Then show the recording to the principle.
This way, she acts natural.
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Take a **** on her desk. Always gets the point across "I dont ****ing like you"
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Why didn't you transfer out of the class in the first place?

Other than that, sabotage her. Bitches like that can't out think superior people who play guitar.
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Why didn't you transfer out of the class in the first place?

Other than that, sabotage her. Bitches like that can't out think superior people who play guitar.

unless (like me) he couldnt get out of that class.
then it really blows.
I just had a thought, would smacking someone round the face with a molotov be funny enough to cancel out the fact that you're probably on fire too?
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I just had a thought, would smacking someone round the face with a molotov be funny enough to cancel out the fact that you're probably on fire too?

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Tell your principle everything you told us. Schools don't like having ineffective teachers, my english teach last year got fired because of this same reason.
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Then, just complain to a headteacher?

Surely they've noticed the slip in grades? If not, bring it to their attention.
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I'm in the same situation with my French teacher. We're a top set class, predicted to get 1s or 2s. I got a 4 for my last exam. Good thing I don't need French for anything. But our teacher is just crazy, I think she's going through some sort of depression. It's really strange.
With that mentality, college will not be fun for you...

But why the hell didn't you turn in your paper at the end of class when you realized that she hadn't asked for it yet? You have to take incentive on your own part.

Other than that, just be respectful to her, regardless of what she does to you, and suck it up till the end of the year...you don't have long...