Is there any amps worth getting under $100 that would be good for classic rcck, Christian contemporary, blues, and some heavy metal?

used tube amps on ebay? stuff like the *paolomino V8

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an acoustic. $100 amps sound crappy. maybe frontman the 25. I think its 139 or something but its great for the money. OD is ok... Reverb is ok... i gues...
How much does an EVJ go for? I'm definately thinking an Epi Valve Junior is the best amp for classic rock that's in your ballpark.
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Quote by STABxYOU
How much does an EVJ go for? I'm definately thinking an Epi Valve Junior is the best amp for classic rock that's in your ballpark.

+12. It might be a little over $100, but it's well worth it.

Don't EVER skimp on your amp, though. It's not just to amplify your sound. Like sombody once said on these very forums, you have to treat it like a second instrument.
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Epiphone Valve Jr is probably the best amp near your price range. It's as basic as you can get, but at least it will give you a good solid tube tone, rather than some soild state crap that most other amps at the price range will give you.

Really though, you should just be saving up more money. Remember, it is always worth waiting that extra month or two, if it means getting better gear. Waiting a short while more isn't going to kill you, but getting something crap now and having to upgrade again in the not so distant future can start to put a big hole in your wallet.
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Whats the christian guitar sound haha

ignorant w****r, what's so funny about that
I listen to christian music sometimes (being christian and all), so I know what the sound is.
Usually there's alot of distortion going on, so that's why I don't think a EVJ will be right for you. Most christian bands sound like they use Solid States, since it's really not smooth, really kind of fizzy (Except people like skillet and such, they gots good tonez).
I say go for a microcube, or if you can't save AT ALL, get that peavey rage. Peavey makes great practice SS amps.
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Roland Microcube is normally $125, but I've seen it on sale before for $99. You can probably haggle a shop down to the sale price.
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Save a little bit more money and get this.
It’s versatile and sounds great, I think it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

You're exactly right, that is what I am looking for, I just need to wait longer (I had this as my main choice a month ago, but was trying to whittle down cost with other ideas). In the meantime I can figure out how to hold onto my brother's guitar and amp for a few more months until I can get my own....

Yeah, that Vox would be pretty nice.

Also, uh, maybe some sort of mini-amp?

Also the Danelectro Honeytone, which I don't have a link to.

Get one of these, maybe a distortion pedal to push it into metal territory.
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Microcube FTW.
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