Well, I have been taking guitar lessons from a private teacher once a week for 6 months now with my acoustic guitar, and I would like to branch out and try playing some material other than what my teacher gives me on a weekly basis. Now, he lets me choose some songs and we do somethings with them. Like, I did some chord things for a Metallica song, but I want to learn how to play other songs, and the way I see myself doing that is with guitar tabs. Only one problem, I do not know how to read them.

How do I read and understand guitar tabs?
tab staffs consist of 6 lines,low e at the bottom,and high e at the top. the numbers each correspond to a fret.like a 7 on the A line is the 7th fret on the A string
Its really simple...there are 6 lines in tab which represent the 6 strings..The lowest line is your low E and about the A etc. a number on the line means to play that fret on the string the number is on...example,
the lowest 2 means second fret on the g string the 3 is third fret b string the highest 2 is second fret high e string. go to about.com to learn the symbols for pull offs and hammer ons etc. type in reading tab or something like that...
cheers betch
not gonna lie... tabs are easy to read... yet i cant rlly think of a clar way to explain it to a n00b... so i would recommend searching it, like Relax said

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are you a lefty?

that might throw you off...

though i wouldnt know
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Being a lefty, reading tab isn't a problem. What is are chord charts. I have to mentally reverse everything.
What tab won't show you is which fingers to use to fret with, just the position on the fretboard. There's also a lot of symbols and such that goes along with tablature you should familiarize yourself with. Buy a songbook from a band you like, something like a Signature Licks series book. In the back of it there'll be a page dedicated to tablature notation, with explanations of what each does and how to do it.