Im looking get a small home studio set up...
What should i get?
not brands, just..
a list of things i will need.
I know like an interface..
midi controller.
What else?
(btw) no "marshull Mg50!!1! its gud fr thrashorz end sownds gud rekourdeeng!"
actually, you can name brands, just need help with the list first...
and its a bit of a budget.. not like crazy small though. like.. idk 800-1000 tops.
I'm in the same boat as you my friend. I've been trying to research what I need on my own, but that's turning out to be a waste of time and effort. lol
Good mics. Like a good condenser mic and and good bass drum mic (if you're recording that stuff.

You need all the right cables.

You might need a guitar processor. And a preamp if your interface doesnt come with one.

Other than that, i think you have everything.

Unless you were gonna make a pro studio where you soundproof the walls and all those things

EDIT: for the guy above me:

well just wait and see if someone can descend from the heavens and give us answers lol.
You might not necessarily need a mixer, it's really up to you on that point as you could just use the one in your DAW. A lot of people don't hold with that though.

Anyway, you will obviously need a good interface, as you said. As The Spoon said, you will also need some good mics. Get a good variety depending on your needs. What are you wanting to record ?

Another essential in my book is a set of monitors.

The of course obvious extras such as mic stands, XLR cables, decent set of headphones, etc..

If you give more details on what you might want to get out of it then people might be able to give you more specifics, if you would like.
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