Has anyone had any experience with any of the units, is it difficult to use? How is the quality of the recordings?
i have the ux2 its pretty easy to use after a week or 2 (dialing tones and stuff), and if you eq stuff right recordings sound pretty good, but not professional of course
i have a gx and its pretty nice. i wouldnt say its awesome quality but its decent. its pretty straight forward too.
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I have a UX2. The tones you can get with the software are ok, not really that great imo, but if you boost them with an EQ or OD it really makes it sound quite good. Using a mic through it to mic your amp also sounds great. It's not going to be top quality of course, but for the price it's a great little unit, I actually find myself playing through headphones with it more than through my amp nowadays.
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Im a little confused w/ these...

It goes guitar>toneport>computer, then you select your tone, then you record in real tim to whatever your using.

But, do you hear your tone from your computers speakers?
And can you somehow record your amps tones/keyboards with it?
My advice is..

Get the UX2 because if you wanna record ANYTHING with a microphone you'll need the phantom power.

Don't rely on the gearbox software OR the ableton recording software.. Both programs are very limited and upgrading them costs a lot of money (Especially the Ableton) so expect to fork out some cash for better recording software aswell, depending on what you're going to use this for and how good you want it to sound.

Just as a recording interface and something to make demos or whatever on it is great though, I really like mine.
Well I just wanted it to use as something to record some riffs with and mess around with. I dont really expect it to be the best thing out on the market, but I just want something that doesnt totally suck.
I am a bit conufused about this, does it go guitar>toneport>computer without involving the amp at all? can I put an effects pedal in the line?
A few setups you can do are..

Guitar - Toneport - Gearbox modelling software - recording program.

Guitar - Multifx pedal/amp simulat0r - toneport - recording prog

guitar - FX pedals - Toneport - Gearbox for amp simulation - recording prog

Or if you want to record your sound then you do..

Guitar - pedals - amp (Whatever your rig entails).. Then you go microphone - Toneport - recording software. So you can use a microphone to record the sound coming out of your speakers with a recording mic just like in a studio.

Also if your amp has a recording line our you can go..

guitar - amp - lineout to Toneport - recording prog.

Hopefully that wasn't too confusing. There's lots of ways you can set it up.