hey all, im back. quick question.

on my 15th fret of my b string, something isnt right. i just completed my build from a really ****ty epi les paul junior, to something that i am proud of (minus the neck dive, anyone have advice for that lol?)

and anyways, it must be a bad fret, or warped neck or something, because i just get a metallic 'twangy' sound out of it that is just awful. is there anyway to fix this fret? like putting solder over it or something to 'build it up?' i know it might throw off intonation, but i need some sound lol.

thank you all!
i have the same problem with the 15th fret on my 3rd-String.
i will not lower myself to say "G-string"
oh god.
like a few months back, i broke it and i shouted " OH ****! I SNAPPED MY G-STRING"
and it was like
lol yeah dude, but i posted this like a week ago, and no one has the decency to help us though :\

im not totally sure what all i could do, because i know solder is too maleable (sp) and i dont know what re'freting' is
the 16th fret might be raised up (when you play the 15th, the string buzzes against the 16th making the twangy noise). Maybe try a fret file? I'm not 100% sure, I'm not very experienced with fretwork...
Dunno bout the frets, but to fix the neck dive, glue weights under the pickguard or in the control cavity. It'll be heavier overall, but the balance will be better.
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