im looking to play solos but i cant find any, they're all too hard
anyone know some easy/intermideate solos?
smells like teen spirit, pretty much any nirvana solo....

oh, and mr crowley by ozzy
just kidding....if u can get that then u shouldnt be asking this question haha
Santeria by Sublime!
not incredibly hard, but difficult

Californication by the Chili Peppers
it sounds easy, my causin says its easy, but I myself have not tried it..
detroit rock city. - kiss

you shook me all night long-ACDC

aint talkin bout love- van halen

hope this helps
I don't know if it classifies as a true solo, but the ending of Nutshell by Alice in Chains was the first thing close to a solo that I learned.
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If you're into Green Day, practically any of their solos are easy.

One that sounds pretty good and is really easy is the solo in Whatsername.
Hey joe by jimi hendrix is moderatly easy, also a really good way to work on bends.
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1st fade to black solo.
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From the beginning - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Sooo easy, but so nice.


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The solo in the middle of "the end of heartache" by killswitch engage is fairly easy
Here is my input on this, yes - learn an easy/intermediate solo, but don't recommend any easy solo, recommend a Good Solo, because it is my belief that learning bad solos, in a large quantity, will make you into a bad soloist, because you aren't obtaining any idea of good soloing
Quote by GNRjungle87
smells like teen spirit, pretty much any nirvana solo....

oh, and mr crowley by ozzy
just kidding....if u can get that then u shouldnt be asking this question haha

Mr. Crowley solo = beginner.

Learn Ozzy stuff, Metallica sans ...AJFA, anything by Hendrix, likewise with AC/DC.

Although I find it much more rewarding to improvise .
^ What that guy up there said about Green Day; you could attempt to learn some of the solos from their old stuff; Judge's Daughter, Only of You, Dry Ice...they're pretty sweet.
If you like Atreyu, Lip Gloss And Black has a fairly easy solo.
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Quote by guitaristben
any pop song!

They have solos now?

Try some of John Frusciante's stuff, His playing is simple but amazing.

Or you could try some hendrix, although some of his songs are tricky
Yeah, look at RHCP particularly Californication and Can't Stop for easy easy solos!
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The following solo's and solo-like rifs are easy.
Wake me up when september ends-Green day
Intro to Breath-Breaking benjamin
Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
Hey Joe is ok, so is Cocaine.
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I am in the same position as I am not great at soloing and looking for good songs to start with. I love the chili peppers so I check out their solos. Thanks!
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First solo in Comfortably Numb
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Any System of a Down. Hella easy stuff.

Rage Against the Machine have a few easy solos, if you're well endowed in the effects department.
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Everything changes by staind is easy, the first one I learned.
The solo from the jean genie by daveid bowie is easy too.

most of the paranoid solo is easy, except for the fast-ish bit in the middle, which is vergeing on intermediate (IMO).
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