I had this idea of running 2 heads through one cab. It would go something like this....

-----> Mesa Mark IV
/ \
guitar----->splitter -----> Vader 4x12 cab
\ /
-----> Peavey 6505

I had this idea because the Vader cab has two parallel 8 ohm inputs in the back. I already have the Mesa Mark IV, I'm just looking for more tone options. I'm pretty sure I can get that signal to work. My only concern is if the heads would handle it or if they would react funny. I don't have the 6505 yet and I dont think ill buy it unless i can get this to work without doing any harm to the heads. I e-mailed the guys Vader
and he said the cab could probably take it just fine, but he wasnt sure about the amps. Does Anyone know if this could cause problems?
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theres a guy in a band from around here and he uses a 5150 head and some fender head through the same cab, and he's been doing it for years.
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As long as the ohm ratings match up with the amp your good to go. Just make sure your impedance is correct. Most amps have selectors on the back... Your basically turning your cab into 2 2x12 cabs. My Marshall cab has the same option..
It doesnt say if it is in stereo, it just says two 8 ohm parallel inputs. The Mesa Mark IV has one 8ohm output and two 4 ohm outputs. So would I have to run it through the one 4 ohm output into the one 8ohm input on the cab, then the 4ohm output from the 6505 into the other 8ohm input of the cab?
if your heads are going to be powered on, they're going to need an impedance load when not going to the cab.

something like this would be good.
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that pedal seems to only let you use one head at a time to switch between the 2 when you want. I want to run them both at the same time.
oh... then i dunno.
Gibson SG Standard + 18volt EMG-81 & 85
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV + Recto 2x12
Keeley Modded BD-2
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yea thats the same pedal that the other guy recomended, but it switches between the 2 heads, it doesnt allow u to use both at the same time
The 8 ohm parallel jack means it's wired to all the speakers for a total 8 ohm load, the second jack is just wired parallel to the first jack, and therefore parallel to the speakers too. If you wire from the amp to the first jack, then one from the second jack to another cabinet also wired 8 ohm parallel it would be a 4 ohm load to run both cabinets with one amp at 4 ohms. That should work fine, full stack.

I don't think running two heads would work, both would be trying to send a signal to the speakers at once. Bad idea...

to run both amps through one cabinet it would have to be a stereo cabinet like the ones made for the Peavey Chorus 400. Each side is a pair of 12" speakers wired for the right impedance for that amp, each with its own input jack. I think they're 4 ohm, if I remember correctly, it's been a while since I played one, but it seems I also used it on my Peavey MX, which is 4 ohm and I'm careful about that. With that type cabinet you could run two 4 ohm heads, no problem, and at the same time, each essentially through a 2x12 cabinet.

Go one step further and buy or build an A/B/Y switch and you could use either amp or both by stepping on the switch. I run two amps through an A/B switch, one clean, one raunch n roll, and have been considering building an A/B/Y switch just to try it out and see if it would be an improvement or a hassle.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
I think it'd be best to run each head to it's own cab rather than sharing a cab.
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well thanks guys, but i think im just gonna go and buy a second cab, instead of spending 350$ on those pedals ill just save another 450 for another cab. that way i know it will work fine with no hassels.