Ok so I've got a credit at my local guitar store for a hundred bucks, and I'm looking to buy a whammy pedal. They don't have any in stock right now but might be able to get something if I ask them to order it. My question is.. what's your experience with whammy pedals? Which pedal do you like best? What should I look for in a whammy?

I'd be willing to spend something like 200 bucks? Maybe more if I have to, but of course the cheaper the better.
get a boss PS-5 with an expression pedal.
less digital sound, and more options.

or get a micro pog, if you just want some nifty octave sounds.
The whammy 4 was pretty much the only one I looked at (online). Are there others around the price range that could be better? (Not that I don't want it, but I would like to compare a bit)
Clearchaos, the digital sound is what I'm afraid of (but then again I don't know much about whammy pedals and I know digital is good for some things..)

For the Boss set up, what expression pedal do you get? Does Boss sell one? And if so... how much, and are they easy to set up together?
Whammy is fine man, even if you dont like tom morello. I love mine it is so fun to use and just mess around. get the whammy 4
Whammy 4, NOW!
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My friend suggested I look at the Digitech Expression factory 7 as an alternative to the whammy because it costs the same but has extra effects.. but my amp is a modelling amp, first of all, and secondly I haven't had the greatest experience with multi-effects pedals. Is it worth it? (I'm thinking "no")
I think it's a cool pedal it's fun to play around with for a little bit but I'm thinking of selling mine and I've only had it for a week the harmonies are basically useless and the only ones i actually like were the octave ups but those get annoying fast.
Does the Whammy pedal do a bass sound and 12 string sounds?
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