Hi guys,

Im a slash fanatic so its only natural i want to have the closest tone to his possible. I went out and brought Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro IIs, but i just want your opinions, is it a good idea to put these pickups in my epi studio, or just fork out for an epi custom or higher, considering the pickups are most likely better than the studio itself?
Knock yourself out.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Cheers guys, i love the epi slash signature, but yeh i dont want to copy him exact, i just love the alnico pros
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some one correct me...
if i'm not wrong...
the pups of the LP standard and custom are the same...
so getting a custom would'nt do much...
The pups in lp standard are not the same as in custom. Least some of them not 100% sure on all of them but i know my custom doesnt have those in it.

My opinion is go for it. You cant do anything wrong.