Punk with breakdowns, and a real spanish opening ^^

The riffs sound good, and it wouldn't hurt if you made more of them. The acoustic parts are just instant love <3

I like order (even though I'm incredibly messy), so I don't really luv how you don't insert enough beats in some parts x)
Like with the drums at 25-40 =P

You should add some solos.

Overall, you write nice riffs! Now it's just a matter of organizing them and adding more ;D
I really like this.

Opening lick was nice and spanish sounding.

When the distortion kicks in, it sounds really dissnonant. But my ear kind of adjusts to it aftr a few repeats.

The acoustic guitar lick after this is SUPERB. The armony sounds great with it.

Yeah, chorus riff again. It actualy doesn't sound that great. The first chord is just way off. But the verse riff is sweet, sweet redemption, my friend.

Real nice bridge. The drums ae simple, but effective. Plus, you play the verse riff, which is always good.

Haha I lke 121. I still don';t like the first chord but it sounds so cool with the dueling nylon and electric guitars that Ihave to forgive you.

Snare blast at the end sounded stupid, to be honest. Maybe start off with a slow snare roll and then speed it up and then just end the song with a sweet drum fill.

But that was realy good. 9/10.

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