Poll: Would you have sex with an otherwise extremely attractive girl with one leg?
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View poll results: Would you have sex with an otherwise extremely attractive girl with one leg?
Pfft.. duh. Pirates are sexy.
97 64%
Um.. no. Amputees = Gross.
35 23%
Dude.. I only have one leg.
19 13%
Voters: 151.
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UG, I'm interested in exactly how shallow you are, so I'll pose this question.

Picture an extremely attractive girl. Not necessarily the hottest female on earth, but she's still pretty hot. Now picture her with one leg amputated just above the knee. Do you still find her attractive? Is she still sexy? Would you tap it?

Personally, I proably would. Et vous, pit?
yeah.. id do it
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hahaha "sexism the ultimate humour" a6l6e6x, 2008

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Would you do the same if she had half an arm, and both legs?
I hope it's cold, everyday, where you are.
If she had a robot leg replacement I'd be all over that. Robosex
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Heather Mills?

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uhhh....why not?
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Any pictures to help sway our decision?
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Probably. Can't see a reason no to.

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I don't think that's the correct use of the phrase "going mad."
Easy instant access. Totally. Providing of course that she's extremely attractive.
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I think this is where we discover that at least 20% of The Pit are mono-peds
I would do it just to be able to say I ****ed a chick with one leg. But it would also be fun....maybe I could incorporate her stub into the action.
Yea why not. If she is nice enough why would a missing let put me off.. .After all its not the missing leg Im interested in...
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YES! No leg = no escape. Finally life dreams come true.

And when you leap out the window afterwards, she can't hunt you down.

But in all seriousness; It wouldn't bother me if I liked the person.
I most definitely would.
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why not? its like with a midget or a fat chick, you can say you've done it. one day you'll look back and say yeah i did it with a one legged chick.
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why not? its like with a midget or a fat chick, you can say you've done it. one day you'll look back and say yeah i did it with a one legged chick.

I would never, ever, ever do a midget or a fat chick based solely on looks.

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I would never, ever, ever do a midget or a fat chick based solely on looks.


Midgets and fat-chicks are like scooters: they're a pretty fun ride, all things considered, but if your mates see you on one you're f*cked.
Honestly, I would. There used to be this girl with one arm that had a crush on me, and it made me so thrilled that an amputee would want me.
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Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
I would, yes.

I think that TS should google a picture of some hot chick, and shoop out the lower part of one of her legs.

That'll help people.
Why stop at one?

Only if I got to f**k the stump.
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Heather Mills?

I instantly thought of hunting down a McCartney joke to.
Hats off to you sir.
Depends how much leg is missing, if it's just from the knee down then sure. If it's the whole thing then it's not such an obvious choice , but I probably would.
My cousin is missing most of her leg and she has screwed half the guys in her town. I guess Missourians agree with the pit on banging amputees. She's a bitch, though.
I would have to love her first. I'm old fashioned like that. THEN I'd tap it.
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Probably not, sounds pretty gross. Talk about a boner killer...
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