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I believe I have a Trojan on my computer. I've ran so many scans but I keep getting pop-ups saying that I have a virus. And the link it gives you to get rid of it makes you pay to scan the computer. What free programs are the best to use? I've looked at google and used a bunch and none are helping at all.
Get Nod32 from the torrents... and BTW anything that just tells you "You have a virus, buy this software to rape and kill it!!!" probably means you have spyware on your computer. In that case, I'd advise spybot, it's free and awesome.
It's called.... (crap can't remember)
It's a fake trojan/spyware remover that you download by popups.
My friend had it. All you have to do it delete everything that has the same name as the popups telling you about the trojan.
You don't have a trojan by the way
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Yeah, it's called spyware. Some spyware actually does butt**** the ****ty windows firewall into submission, then takes its place and puts a fake caution symbol.
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Its not a pop-up pop-up. Its my Windows Firewall thing telling me something is up.

Then it's spyware.
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Get AVG. It cleared my computer up pretty nicely.

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