so i have guitar lessons 2moro right after class, so i was planning on leaving my guitar in the softcase in either my trunk or backseat, i was wondering since i live in florida it tends to get really hot, if the heat and humidity would warp or effect my guitar in anyway.
Your lucky as hell!

it was 40 below in Minnesota today with windchill!
Depending on how big the case is you could fit it in your locker ( assuming by class you mean highschool).
yea i go to college so thats not gonna be a option, its a jackson softcase especially made to fit my jackson rr3 if that helps
Well it's definitely not good for the guitar, but I don't really know if it will hurt it. Can you take it with you to class?
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Your lucky as hell!

it was 40 below in Minnesota today with windchill!

dude, it was like 30 below w/ windchill( In K-town(Keokuk))
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Oh, DON'T use a knife. It cuts through your strings. I did that once, thinking, its the Low E, its invincible. Turns out, its not...

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When I take mine, I put it in the backseat, cover the case with a white towel, and roll the windows down a crack. It its rains I just put it in the trunk.
it should be alright in the trunk. i usually leave my axe in the backseat or trunk regardless of the temperatures because i never have time to stop by at home to get them after work, for practice.
bradenton like a hour south of tampa, and yea it gets hot and humid as hell, our winter this year was mostly in the 80's it was rediculous
If you have a teacher who particularly likes you or who you get along well with you could ask them if you could use their room/office. If not, just eave it in the trunk or back seat. Just don't leave it there overnight because that's when humidity and temperature changes occur the most.
Well according to the forecast the high is 80 with max humidity at 66%. I don't think that leaving it in the trunk should be too bad since trunks don't usually heat up too much. Yeah and winter in Florida isn't very fun(from Miami).
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ill look after it for you if you ship it to canada.


The humidty in your car aint going to be different might get a bit hotter if its directly in the sun but guitars can take this sort of thing there solid, though humidty rust strings much faster.
Do any of you guys ever actually try to research any of your "advice"???

Heat is one of the worst things you can ever do to a guitar...heat and fast temperature changes.

ttp://www.frets.com/FRETSPages/Musician/GenMaint/Heat/Heat/heat1.html from my favorite guitar reference, explains and shows some of the serious problems caused by heat. Mostly the glue that holds the guitar together, but also shrinkage, plastic trim damage, neck warpage....

Know how luthiers take a guitar apart to rebuild it, reset a neck, that kind of thing? HEAT. Heat melts the glue (usually hide glue), turns it to liquid so the guitar can be pulled apart easily, reassembly is done with hide glue, which is heated to around 145 F or so and turns solid at room temperature.

Finishes can bubble, take a guitar from a hot car into a cold airconditioned room and the finish can "craze", or develop small cracks all over that make it look like a dry lakebed. This can also happen going from really cold to heated room too quickly. I try to let my guitars sit unopened for an hour or more in these situations, so they can get a lot closer to room temp slowly. Set necks can come loose, necks can warp, acoustic bridges, pickguards and support struts inside can pull loose...

Find somewhere inside to store your guitar, keeping it in a parked car all day in 80 degree weather means the trunk and back seat will both be at least 120 F in a half hour, probably closer to 140, which is the very near temperature needed to MELT the hide glue that holds the guitar together...that's 145. Cars can get hotter than 145 too.

Store it inside somewhere, a hot car is the LAST place I want my guitars to be all day...
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it would be in the trunk in my softcase covered by a blanket, from probably about 930-150 only on thursdays, would this still do any serious damage?
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it would be in the trunk in my softcase covered by a blanket, from probably about 930-150 only on thursdays, would this still do any serious damage?

after reading what Paleo Pete just said, do you still want to take the chance?
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