I'm normally a metalhead, but sometimes I like to listen to relaxing stuff as well, like before I go to sleep.
Also, there are some songs that are fun to listen to after...making use of a certain herb because they just take you miles away.

I'm looking for mainly acoustic guitar tracks (electric works too if it's got that calm feel to it), possibly some piano (since I personally believe it's the instrument that can create the most haunting music), or maybe some guitar AND piano songs.
Also, I'm kind of opening up to listening to a little techno - but not the boppy rave dancing kind. If you can recommend any of the slower, "trippy" stuff, please do.

To give you an idea of what I'm lookin for here is some stuff I have already:

Pink Floyd -Is There Anybody Out There?
Opeth - Hours Of Wealth
Gary Jules - Mad World (From Donnie Darko)
"To Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X
In Flames - Acoustic Medley
Metallica - Call Of Ktulu
Norther - Frozen Sky
Lotsa Radiohead songs
Brain damage-pink floyd
In a gadda da vida-Iron Butterfly
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anything by Andy McKee
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i always thought 36 crazyfists was a good band to listen to before you go to sleep.
no rain-blind melon.
alot of stuff by The Sound of Animals Fighting.
Careful with that axe, Eugene- pink floyd.
pouring reign-as blood runs black.
15 fathoms and counting-bring me the horizon.
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listen to metal.
Some of the Prize Fighter Inferno songs, like especially Accidents. The Postal Service is kinda like that, but not as spacey and trippy. Maybe Jack the Ripper by Morrissey or the Smiths, im not sure. I really like AFI's cover of that as well.
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anything by Andy McKee

also try a similar style by trace bundy
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Liquid Tension Experiment and Buckethead have some very chill tracks. Instrumental is the way to go. "To Zanarkand" is a great one.

LTE has a lot, just look them up, sorry I can't give you any further guidance. If I'd have to pick one, probably "State of Grace."

As for Buckethead, on the album "Electric Tears" there are plenty that suit your description. The first three tracks are my favorite chill songs, personally: "All in the Waiting," "Sketches of Spain," and "Padmasana." Padmasana is personally my favorite.

Hope that helps.
here in my room, quicksand, mexico, just a phase, summer romance, aqueous transmission (<-----thats the best)- all of those songs are by incubus. also try the Hell Feezes Over acoustic version of hotel california
Oar- Crazy Game of Poker
its pretty much the chillest song ever
and i think you mean Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb
I listen to Don't Follow and Nutshell by Alice In Chains every night before i go to bed.
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To zanarkand is great.

Try "melodies of life(piano version) - final fantasy 9