Poll: Do you HONESTLY think Bush has the leadership abilities to run this nation?
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Ok, after reading that other bush thread, I felt obliged to post my thoughts. However, it didn't fit so I decided to make an entirely new thread for the topic. Please know that my opinions are mine alone and that I am not forcing anybody to believe me.

So he graduated from Yale. That does show that he has great knowledge, but I would like to make the argument that knowledge is not the same as the intellect needed to run anything. Just because you learned and passed through all of the rigorous courses that Yale has does not mean that you have the intellect to be president. I don't deny that Bush certainly has the knowledge to hold the commander in chief position, but he doesn't have the intellect. Look at the greatest leaders that have passed through the history of the world. Abraham Lincoln was born to an exceedingly poor family with many children, the chances of him doing anything with his life other then possibly inheriting whatever his father had were very slim. But he self-educated himself, he walked 5 miles in the snow to return a simple book. Lincolns intellect was extremely high, anybody who has that much of a thirst for knowledge must. I doubt Bush would walk 30 minutes in a perfect day to return a book. Bush doesn't show that kind of thirst for knowledge. Another example of an exceptional leader is Sarius The Great. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he was the king of Persia that conquered all of the land that Persia had during the movie 300. By the standards of his time, Sarius was a saint. His thoughts on racism and sexism were to the acceptable standard of us here in the present. He allowed his vassal states to keep their own kings, religions, cultures, everything. Just so long as his vassel states paid tribute to him. But the vassal states didn’t mind the Persian takeover because in promised their safety. Bush is NOT doing this. He is barely allowing Iraq to keep any of its’ customs etc. I don’t doubt Bush’s knowledge, I doubt his intellect as to how to run a government. I believe that John Petrucci has vast intellect, as does John Stuart and Robin Williams. But I don’t believe them to have the intellect required to run a government.
Another argument I would like to make is that Bush is a Christian. Now, before you flame me for assaulting Christians, let me explain myself. Religions usually tend to damper your tolerance for things such as abortion, homosexual rights, stem cell research etc. A leader should NOT have any beliefs that could cripple these things. It comes up in all the issues, look at the argument for homosexual rights. If this truly is the land of the free, shouldn’t homosexuals have the FREEDOM to marry whomever they please? Look at stem cell research, by not endorsing this you are permitting the suffering of everybody with diabetes and the like. What sort of a leader would promote that suffering? Now look at abortion. Shouldn’t women have the FREEDOM to choose wither they want that fetus to become full-fledged life? Also, we have lost the thought that the world has a carrying capacity for humans, abortion would help to stop us from reaching that point.
Now, here comes the oil argument. Bush claims he is in Iraq to liberate those people, but why hasn’t he taken notice of anything else? He doesn’t seem to care about the state of Cuba right now, or that of Cambodia. But what really gets me is his ignorance to Darfur. We rose to the occasion of the genocide in the 40s amazingly, and with great avail. Sure, in the 40s there was imminent threat to the US, but that doesn’t mean we cant liberate Darfur. In my opinion, the reason that Bush is so intent on “liberating” Iraq is because it has something that none of the others have, oil. ‘Nuff Said.

That’s Just my 2 cents
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