I am thinking about buying a Hagstrom Viking. This is a re-issue of the 60s model with some modifications, now made in China. It is a semi-hollow body guitar.

Anyone have an opinion?

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Hagstrom is an EXTREMELY underated guitar company. Great stuff, especially semi-hollows.
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I'm also thinking about getting a viking. I haven't played one yet, but I played another one of the new hagstrom semi-hollowbodies and it was really nice. Super comftorable neck. I guess that kind of counts as an opinion on the viking haha.
I really liked this guitar when a local shop bought it.
A guy I know bought it, and I was pissed because i wouldn't get to play it in the store anymore

they make great guitars
Yeah, definately get a Viking. Try for a vintage one if you can, but the Chinese ones are quite excellent as well.
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I just bought a Hagstrom Swede. I can't offer you an opinion on the Viking specifically, but I will tell you that the quality of the Hagstrom reissues is pretty good. The finish, fit, and build is excellent and I'm quite happy with mine. I haven't played it long enough (only a few days) to really give a thorough review, but that would have no bearing on the Viking anyway. But rest assured that these reissues are not cheap copies of the originals, they're well made guitars. Does the Viking have the resinator fretboard? It's really nice, try one.

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I have played one viking and it was the nicest hollowbody i've played, this was compared to a bunch of epiphone dots and some peavey jf-1s (i think that's the model of their hollowbody)
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I read a bunch of reviews of different semi-hollow/hollow body guitars and when I came to the store to play them, the Hagstrom viking was my favorite and just the other day I decided to buy it. I do definitely recommend it!

Duster: Yes, the viking has the resinator fretboard.

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Do not let Made in China scare you off, there are a lot of great guitars coming out of China these days. I have never played that model so I can't specifically comment on it but the Hagstroms I have played I liked. I also think Hagstrom guitars are underrated or just overlooked.

As with any guitar it's best if you can get your hands on one to try. I find with hollow or semi hollow bodies you really need to find one you can play comfortably. Some I have played/tried were very uncomfortable for me.

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Just Save your money & get a Real like Gibson ES-335....
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Never played any of the new Hagstroms, but I had a 60's Hagstrom 3 and it was very very nice. I want it back really bad but lost it due to a very bad political entaglement with it's former owners (it belonged to a church and the pastor turned out to be a real asshole) but if it weren't for that I would deffinately have kept that guitar for a long time. Great guitars.
Since the thread has been revived, I'll offer a small update on my Hagstrom ownership.

I continue to love the guitar immensely. I also bought myself a G&L Legacy this year, which is an instrument in another league entirely. Technically, it's a finer instrument, a bit more refined than the Hagstrom.

But that being said, I play the Swede about equally as much as I play the Legacy. Truth be told, when I walk into my little practice room and see both guitars there, I know the Legacy is the better guitar, but my hands tend to reach for the Hagstrom. There's something about the weight, the neck, and the solid, thick, rich tone, that is just so god-damned fun to play.

I have noticed, however, that some of the hardware has begun to tarnish. The bridge/tailpiece thing, that covers the block that the strings pass through, has tarnished a bit, as well as the pickup covers. I could probably polish them up again, not sure, but I don't think that should happen on a 2 year old guitar. Also, the electrics should be better. My "tone filter" switch, which I never really understood the point of, just stopped working at one point. It got scratchy, and then, even in the bypass position, started to make the guitar cut out, intermittently. A little jiggle would bring it back to life. I had to bring the guitar into a shop anyway because I messed up the action (I'm a foolish tinkerer), so I asked them to take a look at it. They "fixed" it, so now the guitar works when it's in the bypass position, but acts as a very scratchy killswitch when I move it to the other positions. I may tinker with it to see if I can wire it as a coil tap.

Also, the output jack keeps working loose, and I have to tighten it all the time. Very annoying.

Fantastic guitar for the money, great tone and playability. Longevity may be an issue, and electrics may be an issue, but for $400-$500 I'm not expecting 40 years of service from this guitar, and the electrics can always be fixed/upgraded along the way.

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Add a drop of Clear Fingernail polish to the treads of the out put jack and that should keep it from loosening up.

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Just Save your money & get a Real like Gibson ES-335....

I'd take the Hagstrom over the Gibson, even if both were free.
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