Wow. Epiphone customer service just blew me away.
My Valve Junior died. I called them and they just sent me a check for a full refund (130 dollars) no questions asked. Now I have a broken Valve Junior (probably fixable) and $130!

Go Epiphone
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THAt rocks!
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that was an epic win
best thing ive read all day

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Send me the broken one. I need parts.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...

you can probably fix it for less then that, and maybe get an overdrive or something cool to go with it
Send me the broken one. I need something to fix...
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The hotbar should be floating parallel to the principle axis at this point. Next, take a hammer, and beat yourself in the face while crying JIHAD. problem fixed.

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you can probably fix it for less then that

I bet you could fix it for less than $10.
I wish mine would break like that, then I'd buy a VJ head and then I'd just fix my combo.
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I was thinking get it fixed, get a nice pair of Oakley sunglasses for the upcoming fishing season, and a reverb pedal
"This is The End, beautiful friend, The End"
does this mean i could call them and pretend that something or theirs broke and they would send me a check?
Damn. I think I'll call and tell them I don't like something about mine. Just for kicks. Mabye they'll send me something too.

Did you turn in your warantee card? I think I forgot to do that with mine.