My brother is sad as hell because his best friend left today. Their family is moving to New mEXICO AND WE LIVE IN pa. My brother has been crying most of the night. Nothing can cheer him up. Any ideas how i can cheer him up???

Thanks in advance
That happened to me in 5th grade. You can't really do anything to cheer him up he's just gunna have to realize that at least his friend isn't dead and he still might have chances to see him. Makesure they keep in contact over myspace and the phone
wow thats tough

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dude yeah my best friend moved to florida a few years back.. but at least i still see him in the summer... altho its not the same

my advice: get him a gf to suck his **** and he'll prob 4get... or start crying in the middle of a blowjob...

no jk but seriously man just be there for him and try to take his mind off of it
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He'll get over it. He just has to realize that he can still talk with him. I've moved quite a few times so this is coming from experience.
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Hey man, I moved away from my best friend was I was 9, and we've been best friends since we were 4. It's nine years later now, I'm on the other side of the country, and we're still best friends. Just tell him not to fall out of touch with his friend.
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maybe teach him some guitar, hang out with him, make him feel like family is the most important thing(which it is)
Take him out to do something he likes. If he's a younger brother this can help because they like doing stuff with their older brother.
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Take him out to do something he likes. If he's a younger brother this can help because they like doing stuff with their older brother.

completely agree, show a huge interest in whatever he likes
best thing you can probably do, without me knowing him, is to just leave him alone. unless he's, like, six. if he's really little, just offer to be kind of a friend to him. in fact, be as much of a friend as you can no matter how old he is.
do something with him to help take his mind off of it.... play video games or something distracting... He'll probably appreciate it
Pretend you got kidnapped. When he goes looking for you, jump out with a puppy under one arm and cake in the other. Then ruffle his hair.
My best friend moved away about a year and a half ago. I still keep in touch and I am able to go to his house from time to time. (like once a year)
Take him to a strip club maybe?

The same thing happened to me except to Arizona.
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i live in PA too.

anyway, just start hanging out with him more if you can. go places with him. take him to a movie he wants to see or something. anything to take his mind off of his friend leaving.
take em to a metal show...
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im guessin ur bros a few years younger so since siblings generally have a lot of respect for older siblings, hang out with him a bit, do sumthin with him, try and get him on the phone with his friend, i moved up from texas to canada in 5th grade and left everyone, i remember talkin on the phone to my friend it helped.

tell us how it went?
how old is he? if he is 13 or 10 or older than he should get over it.
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