Ok, so, my friend has this Guitar, not realy sure what kind. It says Slammer Hammer on the headstock, and it has some kind of tremolo bridge. Anywho, the thing is, he desperately needs to have his strings changed, and the only strings he has are some Ernie ball Acoustic strings (I think those are the ones). The reason he has these are because when he went to guitar center to get new strings, those are the ones they suggested to him. I wasn't sure if he should put them in, so i'm asking you guys first. Is it all right to put these acoustic strings into his electric?
If they are steel strings it would be alright. They would probably be uber stiff though.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
slammer is a really cheap brand of guitar. built by hamer. incase you were wondering.
mm, these acoustic strings would need to be magnetic, are they?