On my Profile is my new cover of Metallica's one.
i only recorded the first half because i dont have the rest down yet.
ive been playing only about a year, i know i messed up a couple spots but i would like some constructive criticism, thanks

and also check out my, The Ocean cover too, which i think is pretty good except for one spot, thanks again.
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This isn't too bad for one year. What you played was played well and cleanly, however you are missing a few notes in the intro solo. Still a pretty good attempt. Keep practicing and keep up the good work.
Thanks for the Crit on mine.

Your version of One is very good. Not quite perfect yet, but much better than I could do after only a year of playing. I thought your tone was a little too high on the treble knob. You kept time very well, but sometimes on the faster parts your right and left hand got out of sync with each other. Overall, very good job dude. 4/5
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Not bad, but it still needs a little work on getting all the notes in there
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I've been playing since Oct. '06, so I can safely say that that was a pretty good rendition of One. Concentrate more on the flow of things when you're playing it, and don't even bother looking at your fretting hand, because you're only going to second guess yourself (I'm a bit of a natural, and I'd call in sick for work when I first started because I was having such a good time playing, so I have that song down. But I should really put some **** on my profile and let UG be the judge)
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