Yes i know this has been asked many times but no matter where i read i get somewhat confused im really interested in changing the string action on my guitar just to fit me better, and yes i know i should go to a proffesional, but i really wanna learn how to do it myself

ive heard many ways, but they never specifically say what i need to do to change it.
I have a fender strat and its just got the basic bridge with the tremolo on it

ive heard to adjust it its the hex screws and you need a hex key is this right???
if it isnt tell me how it would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance
adjusting your action is very simple. insert key and turn to the desired height using carefully monitered 1/8 turns.

adjusting the action will disrupt intonation which is different and i not good at that so someone else will have to explain it
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
ok so i need the hex key thx ill go get one....no too fiure out about intonation
ok i learned about intonation through the great tool called the internet, thank you for the halp boogieman on the stringaction part